Life Skills Class with our Middle School Buddies

To expand children’s social skills as well as their ability to adjust to new situations,  the SIS Middle school classes partnered with the SIS PreK to conduct life skill classes.

This means that 7th and 8th grade students, lead by Ms. Meaghan Wilson will travel to the PreK mountainside campus to guide children in their exploration and learning.

What to expect in Life Skills Class?

Last year, We had a variety of fun and educational learning engagements that our Life Skill Buddies brought to our classrooms. We were exposed to ways how to keep ourselves healthy through earning engagements like A nutrition lesson, Making a healthy snack, a blind fold taste game, and “junk-food” tag.

We have also learned a lot thought ur buddies about Self control as well as respecting the environment. A lot of interactions are happening and significant bonds are taking place.

We are looking forward for another fruitful and fun Life Skills Class this year.


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