Who We Are

This first part of the year explores inquiries into:

  • Carrying out daily class routines with increasing independence
  • Our responsibilities as a pro-active member of the class
  • Building a caring learning community.
  • Identities, ownership, family members, and culture. 

Exploring these inquiries takes on different forms in our classrooms but all the PreK 2 children develop these skills and dispositions to be pro-active members of a caring community … as you can see from our photos below.

We help friends who need caring.


Communicators. Sharing our ideas in a safe environment.


Who is here today?


A bump on the head heals faster with a friend’s TLC!


Identity. Reflecting back on baby photos.


Ownership. Group work on making our class mascot pretty.


Sense of belonging. Exchanging stories of our families.


Choosing our class mascot by voting.


Cooperative play in a safe and caring class.


Developing a sense of belonging in a safe environment. Enjoying a book together!


Can you see what I see? Seeing one’s identity through self-portraits.


Daily sign-in. Ownership of one’s attendance in class.


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