Celebrating Where We Come From

Recently our PreK2 children began their exploration into their cultures and countries. Many parents came in over the last three weeks to share about their home cultures. The culmination of this learning took place at our International Parade, where the SIS community gathered together to celebrate our diversity.

Creative Arts and PE

PE – Mr R

Thus far in PE, PreK2 has worked on spacial awareness and their locomotor skills. We started with an understanding of what personal and general space is. We then began to apply these concepts to activities so we could move around and play safely. We are now focusing on locomotor skills such as jumping, skipping, and running. We have also included some manipulative skills with balls like rolling, throwing, and kicking. The students are progressing very well.


Creative Arts – Ms Lill

In the Creative Arts class the students of PreK2 have been exploring their voice as an instrument. We use our names to greet each other each class but also assign beats and tones┬áto it and practice together. Our pitch exploration time has been including animals in the last month. They are beginning to make their own rising and falling pitches and the students┬álead the group rather than the teacher in creating new ways to practice. We close with “song tales”, poems and movement set to classical music.

During our art exploration this fall we have added more and more areas and materials for the students to chose from. They are sharing their ideas, stories and self expression through paints, oil pastels, drawings, sculpting and beading.