Halloweenie Parade!

On Friday October 31st, we will be celebrating Halloween here at SIS!
This year there will be a ‘Halloweenie’ parade for our students in Nursery, ECLC 1 & 2,
Kdn, and Grade 1. This will start at 8:30. Parents are invited to come and line the parade
route on the Sports Field.
Students in Grades 2-5 will not be coming to the parade but instead they will have a
number of Halloween themed activities in Parkside during the morning.
Students should come to school already dressed in their costumes, there isn’t enough time
for them to change. Please note your child can still participate even if he/she chooses not
to wear a costume. For those students coming in costume, we ask that you respect the
following guidelines:
• Students are not to bring any fake weapons to school (i.e., swords, light sabres,
• No masks are to be worn. Face paint is allowed.
• Costumes should in no way represent a violent figure.
If you think that your child may get hot and / or uncomfortable in his/her costume, please
send a change of clothes. Also, if your child has PE on this day, he/she will be expected to
follow those clothing policies.
If you have any questions, please free to contact your child’s classroom teacher.
Best wishes,
The PSA Halloween Team

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