October Coffee Morning

Join us for this month’s coffee morning in the Gecko Theatre!  Sandra Fuld will be here from International SOS to talk to us:

Medical in China may be much different from your home country.   Understanding the medical system in China and how to be prepared should an emergency occur will help provide you with piece of mind.  Sandra Fuld from International SOS will be our presenter for the PSA Coffee Morning on Wednesday, October 29th.  Her talk will help outline a plan if the unthinkable happens and tips on how to stay safe during your stay.  Topics that will be discussed during the presentation include: 
  • Suggestions on where you will go if you or your child has an accident.
  • How to handle an emergency and who to call in case of an emergency.
  • The Chinese Health System, how it works and how to navigate it.
  • The importance of understanding your insurance coverage.
  • Learning about the different types of hospitals and clinics in Shenzhen.
  • Knowing the common diseases and medical problems in South East China.
  • Recommended vaccinations for Shenzhen.

Coffee will be served from 8am, the talk will start at 8.30.  All welcome!

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