PSA Board 1st Meeting 2017/18

On August 24, 2017, PSA had its First PSA BOARD Meeting.

This year our PSA Board consists of 35 members of AWESOME and FUN Ladies, includes Executive Committee, Grade Division Coordinators, Country Representatives and Standing Committee.


For our first Board Meeting – we are having a Multicultural Potluck Breakfast to celebrate our cultural differences by bringing our HOME food for Breakfast.


On this 1st Board Meeting – we start it with a game “Icebreakers Bingo”, in order for the new members to mingle with the old members and to get to know each other.


Move on to business, there are major topics that are also being discussed such as our yearly budget, each committee job responsibility, important dates, new committee such as Go Geckos!, PSA Launch, brainstorming for main events, and also “HOT” topic amongs parents nowadays.

PSA is trying to promote the partnership between parents and the school, by acting as a forum for communication, promoting community awareness and fostering school spirit. Therefore, any ideas and feedbacks that are channeled through our Country Reps and Grade Division Coordinators will be brought to our meeting and hopefully will be solved accordingly.

We are very fortunate to have Ladies (at the moment – Gentlemen are also welcome) from different countries, continents, races and we are PROUD OF the DIVERSITY in our group.


Popcorn Committee – Lina Lee (Korea) and Deby Suwito (Indonesia)


From Left * Tracy Zhong – China (Internal Events), Bani – India (ES Rep, Teacher Appreciation), Elly – China (ECC Reps)


From Left * Gaelle – French (French Rep), Rose – China/ French (Merchandise)


From Left * Lynn Levy – Canada (HS Reps), Maya – Israel (MS Reps, Former President, Book Sale), Brenda – Netherlands (Secretary), Poppy – Indonesia (President)


From Left* Vanessa – US (ES Reps, Book Sale), Maureen – Canada (HS Reps, Go Geckos!), Poppy, Diana – US (MS Reps, Book Sale)


From Left * Elly, Lynn – China (Merchandise)


From Left * Reika and Kaoru – Japan (Japanese Rep, Popcorn)


We, in PSA Board are READY to begin this new school year with lots of fun activities, charity, movie nights, bazaar, book sale, or anything that you can think of, please do not hesitate to contact us and drop us a line.


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