Ice Cream Social/ Orientation Day

Your PSA is so READY to begin this school year !!!

This is the time of the year when we start our year with the New Family Orientation in the SPAH, where we proudly present our own Parents Design Products.

We have some new products such as our T-Shirt, Rain Ponchos and Mist Water Bottle, all mainly designed, purchased and organized by our own PSA Rocks Parents. Meanwhile, we also have some other merchandise such as sports bags, picnic mats, tote bags, rooster design t-shirts, and umbrellas.

The most important thing is that – ALL profits that we make from the Merchandise Sale will channel to different events and activities that our kids will enjoy through out the year in each grade level.

Therefore, every penny… every dollar… we make is important and will go to benefit the children…!


Also, with the support of Ice Monster, we are able to give out to each kid fresh fruits and gluten-free ice pops.


Be Ready for our Next Merchandise Sale coming up soon 🙂


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