Class Updates

Parents, thank you for attending curriculum night on Wednesday. It was great to share what we will be learning this year.

Some notes to remember…

1. No toys or smart watches at school.

2. No nuts in snacks or lunches.

3. Lunches can be dropped off at Anna’s office before 11am and will be delivered to class. After 11am please drop off at the lunch room.

4. Uniforms: Students are free to mix and match top and bottom pieces, including PE uniforms. On PE days, PE uniform should be worn.

Highlights of the Week

Safety lessons: Mrs. Susan, our guidance counselor began guidance lessons with our class today (Friday). We learned how to be safe at school. Students learned to say “No”,  get away, and tell an adult you trust.

Reading: We read a funny book this week called “Rollercoaster”. Ask your child to tell you all about it. Mrs. Livingston is helping me compile a list of recommended books for grade 1. I will share it when it is ready.

Writing: This week we learned what writers do. Writers think, sketch, then write. When writers are done, they go back to revise. Writers add more drawings and more writing. We are writing small moment stories (true stories about yourself) You can help your child by reminding them of things they have done that they can write about.

Next Week’s Events

Monday- Library

Tuesday- Swimming

Thursday- Swimming


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