Community Leaders

Our class really shined today as community leaders of Early Primary with their first assembly! The song they sang, “When Geckos Get Together” will be our community song to start each assembly. Great leadership, Super Deer!

Building Good Reading Habits

This week in reading we focused on developing good reading habits. We learned to take a sneak peek by looking at the pictures in the first few pages to start thinking about what might happen in the book. We also learned that readers do something at the end of the book such as reread the story, find their favorite part, or retell the story.

How you can help… you can encourage your child to use those good reading habits at home. When you read books together, take a sneak peek first and talk about what you both think might happen. When you finish books, take a moment to each share your favorite part. The children had a great start with bringing their reading books home and back to school.

Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are

What makes a good learner? We have been exploring the skills needed to be a good learner. So far, we have learned that listening to learn uses our eyes, ears, and brain. We have a trick to remind ourselves to focus our attention by using our “attenta-scopes”. We have been practicing our skills to follow directions. Ask your child to teach you the listening rules and the attenta-scope.

Events This Week

Monday Sept. 10: Library, ASA starts

Tuesday Sept. 11: Swimming

Thursday Sept.13: Swimming, Hearing Check

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