Our Class Pledge

 Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are

As part of our unit of inquiry Who We Are, last week we worked together to develop our class pledge. We started with discussing how we needed rules to help us reach our hopes and dreams that we established the other week. At first our rules had alot of “no this” and “no that”. We turned those no’s into yes’s and then sorted the rules. Once sorted, we had our class pledge…

I promise to be kind, to be helpful, to be safe, to do my best today and everyday. Can we do it? Yes, we can!

What a great start to creating a caring community of learners!

Word Study: Distinguishing “b” from “d”

How do you distinguish “b” from “d”? With the word “bed”. Mrs. Bohara used a provocation to catch the children’s attention and help them remember the tool “bed” to remember which way “b” and “d” goes. Ask your child to teach you all about it.


Events this week

Tuesday Sept. 18: PSA book wish list, kids will preview the PSA book sale and write a wish list of books they would like. Please look for the wish list in their homework folder.

Wednesday Sept. 19: Parent Teacher Conference (no school for kids), PSA book sale, please visit the book sale at Parkside

Friday Sept. 21: No school

Monday Sept. 24: No school

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