Building Connections between Home and School

Home and School Connections

It was wonderful to have a chance to share your child’s learning and progress at the parent teacher conferences. It is great to combine the goals from parents, teacher, and child. By working together,we can support your child’s growth this year. Some themes that recurred from parent meetings were building friendships and access to online reading materials.

We are building friendships slowly and steady with morning meeting games, reading buddies, and math games. The children are getting to know each other and find common interests.  Last week, we completed a friendship assessment as a way for me to know who your child is friends with, who your child thinks is a good learning partner, and who your child would be interested in becoming friends with. To support new friendships, we will be initiating lunch bunch as a guided and informal way to support budding friendships. As part of our unit of inquiry, Who We Are, we will also be working on friendship by learning about emotions, developing empathy skills, and strategies for conflict resolution with peers. I encourage you to attend the Social Emotional Learning workshop led by our guidance counselors, Dalin Bywater and Susan Shufford this Wednesday Sept. 26 at 8:15am in Level 5 at Parkside.

We have access to online reading materials through Raz-Kids. Each child will have a subscription and information on how to access the website will be sent home this upcoming week.

Events This Week

Tuesday Sept. 24: Library (rescheduled since we missed it 2 Mondays in a row)

Wednesday Sept. 25: Social Emotional Learning workshop 8:15am, Level 5 in Parkside

Sept. 29- Oct. 7: Fall Break

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