Word Detectives, How To’s and Sky Patterns….oh my!

Word Detectives

Clues have been left on our door the past few days at school with missions! We are word detectives in training, learning to stop at problems when we read and try to solve them. What will our next mission be? Check in with your child to find out!

How To Books

As writers, we are shifting gears and learning to write how-to books. Our focus is on writing an introduction and conclusion as well as writing sentences that start with a capital letter and end with punctuation. You can support by reminding your child “start with a capital letter and end with punctuation”.

Sky Patterns

This week we will launch our next unit of inquiry (UOI) Where We Are In Place and Time. Our focus is on Sky Patterns. We will be exploring the patterns of the motion of the sun, moon, and stars. We will begin by exploring the question “What do you see in the sky?”. Your support is needed with this UOI. Bring your child outside during the evening and daytime to notice what they can see in the sky.

Events This Week

Mon. Oct 22: Library

Thurs. Oct. 25: 8:15am Parent Workshop on What is Learning Support @Level 5

Fri. Oct. 26: No school for students (Professional Learning Day for teachers)


Wed. Oct. 31 Halloween Children may come to school dressed up in a halloween costume. Please no masks or toy weapons. There will be a parade at 8:30am on the Sports Field for parents to attend.

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