December 3

December Happenings

Unit of Inquiry: Form and Function

Through integration of reading and writing non-fiction books, we have been studying animals and plants. Currently, we are focused on form and exploring the following questions… How are plants and animals like others of the same kind? How are plants and animals like their parents?

Mathematics: Story Problems

We are exploring different strategies for solving addition and subtraction story problems. We use acting it out and visualizing to figure out if the story is about having more or less. This helps us decide if it is an addition problem or a subtraction problem. Below are some strategies we have learned to use, named after the student who showed us that strategy.

Art Walking Houses

Friday December 7th, our class will be bringing home an art project that they worked on with Mrs. Hobbs in art. They built houses out of a large cardboard box. Please be prepared to bring home a large “Walking House” on Friday.

December Events

Monday Dec. 3: ASA starts

Friday Dec. 7: PSA Popcorn Day, Art Houses go home

Monday Dec. 10: Library

Thursday Dec. 13: Polar Express Party- wear your pajamas to school

Friday Dec. 14: Early Dismissal at 11:30am

Winter Holidays Dec. 17-Jan. 6

School Resumes Jan. 7

November 4

Fall is here!

Happy Halloween!

Thanks PSA for a great event.

We have a busy week coming up with a visit from G9 students to teach us about keeping our bodies healthy to a Diwali celebration and school photos. Please note that for school photos on Friday, students need to be in school uniforms.

This Week’s Events

Monday: Be Healthy lesson with G9 and Library

Wednesday: Diwali celebration

Friday: School photos; assembly at 8:15am; PSA popcorn; Last day for ASA

Upcoming Events

Oct 22nd: G1 family picnic. Please join us for a family picnic at 11am in the Secret Garden (more details to follow)

Oct 23rd: International Parade- Your child is encouraged to wear their national costume or colors of their flag.

Oct 24th: Winter Bazaar- A great day for our school community to gather and celebrate our school diversity.

October 21

Word Detectives, How To’s and Sky Patterns….oh my!

Word Detectives

Clues have been left on our door the past few days at school with missions! We are word detectives in training, learning to stop at problems when we read and try to solve them. What will our next mission be? Check in with your child to find out!

How To Books

As writers, we are shifting gears and learning to write how-to books. Our focus is on writing an introduction and conclusion as well as writing sentences that start with a capital letter and end with punctuation. You can support by reminding your child “start with a capital letter and end with punctuation”.

Sky Patterns

This week we will launch our next unit of inquiry (UOI) Where We Are In Place and Time. Our focus is on Sky Patterns. We will be exploring the patterns of the motion of the sun, moon, and stars. We will begin by exploring the question “What do you see in the sky?”. Your support is needed with this UOI. Bring your child outside during the evening and daytime to notice what they can see in the sky.

Events This Week

Mon. Oct 22: Library

Thurs. Oct. 25: 8:15am Parent Workshop on What is Learning Support @Level 5

Fri. Oct. 26: No school for students (Professional Learning Day for teachers)


Wed. Oct. 31 Halloween Children may come to school dressed up in a halloween costume. Please no masks or toy weapons. There will be a parade at 8:30am on the Sports Field for parents to attend.

October 14

Celebrating Our Writers!

Writing Celebration

Join us on Tuesday 16th Oct. at 8:15am in the library to celebrate our first books. The children have been working on writing small moment stories which are true stories about themselves. They have learned to bring their stories to life with action, dialogue and feeling. Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday!

Events This Week

Mon. 15 Oct: Library

Tues. 16 Oct: Writing Celebration 8:15am @Library

Fri. 19 Oct: NO UNIFORMS, Painting Project in Art class

Sat. 20 Oct: PSA Family Movie Night 5:30pm @Sports Field

September 28

Recommended Learning Apps

Here are excellent learning apps to continue your child’s learning over the holiday…

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.09.52 PMRaz-Kids

Use the student log in and password given by the teacher.

This website has reading books at your child’s independent reading level. Your child can listen to stories, read stories, and check their comprehension skills.

Access to your child’s Raz-Kids account was sent home early this week. This is a great resource to use for reading on the iPad.


Sight Words

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.16.08 PMSight Words app by Teacher Created Materials

Reinforces sight word knowledge through reading, writing, and playing games with sight words.



Letter Formation

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.17.27 PMHandwriting Without Tears app

Reinforces correct letter formation for capital and lower case letters.



Letter Reversals

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.18.06 PMLetterReflex app

Reinforces correct orientation for common letter reversals (b/d, p/q, n/u) and number reversals.



Fine Motor Skills

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.05.00 PMScreen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.07.44 PMDexteria and Dexteria,Jr apps

Finger exercises to develop strength, control and dexterity to improve handwriting.



Number Sense

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.19.41 PMNative Numbers app

Develop number sense such as number recognition, comparing numbers, ordering numbers, and counting.



Addition/Subtraction/Problem Solving

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 3.20.45 PMMarcy Cook Tiles Add Sub Facts Combo app

Practice addition and subtraction skills through a problem solving approach.

September 24

Building Connections between Home and School

Home and School Connections

It was wonderful to have a chance to share your child’s learning and progress at the parent teacher conferences. It is great to combine the goals from parents, teacher, and child. By working together,we can support your child’s growth this year. Some themes that recurred from parent meetings were building friendships and access to online reading materials.

We are building friendships slowly and steady with morning meeting games, reading buddies, and math games. The children are getting to know each other and find common interests.  Last week, we completed a friendship assessment as a way for me to know who your child is friends with, who your child thinks is a good learning partner, and who your child would be interested in becoming friends with. To support new friendships, we will be initiating lunch bunch as a guided and informal way to support budding friendships. As part of our unit of inquiry, Who We Are, we will also be working on friendship by learning about emotions, developing empathy skills, and strategies for conflict resolution with peers. I encourage you to attend the Social Emotional Learning workshop led by our guidance counselors, Dalin Bywater and Susan Shufford this Wednesday Sept. 26 at 8:15am in Level 5 at Parkside.

We have access to online reading materials through Raz-Kids. Each child will have a subscription and information on how to access the website will be sent home this upcoming week.

Events This Week

Tuesday Sept. 24: Library (rescheduled since we missed it 2 Mondays in a row)

Wednesday Sept. 25: Social Emotional Learning workshop 8:15am, Level 5 in Parkside

Sept. 29- Oct. 7: Fall Break

September 17

Our Class Pledge

 Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are

As part of our unit of inquiry Who We Are, last week we worked together to develop our class pledge. We started with discussing how we needed rules to help us reach our hopes and dreams that we established the other week. At first our rules had alot of “no this” and “no that”. We turned those no’s into yes’s and then sorted the rules. Once sorted, we had our class pledge…

I promise to be kind, to be helpful, to be safe, to do my best today and everyday. Can we do it? Yes, we can!

What a great start to creating a caring community of learners!

Word Study: Distinguishing “b” from “d”

How do you distinguish “b” from “d”? With the word “bed”. Mrs. Bohara used a provocation to catch the children’s attention and help them remember the tool “bed” to remember which way “b” and “d” goes. Ask your child to teach you all about it.


Events this week

Tuesday Sept. 18: PSA book wish list, kids will preview the PSA book sale and write a wish list of books they would like. Please look for the wish list in their homework folder.

Wednesday Sept. 19: Parent Teacher Conference (no school for kids), PSA book sale, please visit the book sale at Parkside

Friday Sept. 21: No school

Monday Sept. 24: No school

September 7

Community Leaders

Our class really shined today as community leaders of Early Primary with their first assembly! The song they sang, “When Geckos Get Together” will be our community song to start each assembly. Great leadership, Super Deer!

Building Good Reading Habits

This week in reading we focused on developing good reading habits. We learned to take a sneak peek by looking at the pictures in the first few pages to start thinking about what might happen in the book. We also learned that readers do something at the end of the book such as reread the story, find their favorite part, or retell the story.

How you can help… you can encourage your child to use those good reading habits at home. When you read books together, take a sneak peek first and talk about what you both think might happen. When you finish books, take a moment to each share your favorite part. The children had a great start with bringing their reading books home and back to school.

Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are

What makes a good learner? We have been exploring the skills needed to be a good learner. So far, we have learned that listening to learn uses our eyes, ears, and brain. We have a trick to remind ourselves to focus our attention by using our “attenta-scopes”. We have been practicing our skills to follow directions. Ask your child to teach you the listening rules and the attenta-scope.

Events This Week

Monday Sept. 10: Library, ASA starts

Tuesday Sept. 11: Swimming

Thursday Sept.13: Swimming, Hearing Check

September 2

Big, Big Dreams

Big, Big Dreams

Our focus this week was sharing our hopes and dreams. We have future doctors, vets, singers, police officers, and scientists in our class! From our big dreams, we were able to set our hopes (goals) for this year in first grade. Each child set one or two goals that he/she aims to accomplish by the end of the year. We plan to be stronger readers, writers, mathematicians, and English speakers!


This Week’s Events

Monday Sept. 3: Library, Reading Homework starts

Tuesday Sept. 4: Swimming

Thursday Sept. 6: Swimming

Friday Sept.7: Assembly @8:15 in SPAH, Grade 1 is sharing a song at assembly this week