Our Class Pledge

 Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are

As part of our unit of inquiry Who We Are, last week we worked together to develop our class pledge. We started with discussing how we needed rules to help us reach our hopes and dreams that we established the other week. At first our rules had alot of “no this” and “no that”. We turned those no’s into yes’s and then sorted the rules. Once sorted, we had our class pledge…

I promise to be kind, to be helpful, to be safe, to do my best today and everyday. Can we do it? Yes, we can!

What a great start to creating a caring community of learners!

Word Study: Distinguishing “b” from “d”

How do you distinguish “b” from “d”? With the word “bed”. Mrs. Bohara used a provocation to catch the children’s attention and help them remember the tool “bed” to remember which way “b” and “d” goes. Ask your child to teach you all about it.


Events this week

Tuesday Sept. 18: PSA book wish list, kids will preview the PSA book sale and write a wish list of books they would like. Please look for the wish list in their homework folder.

Wednesday Sept. 19: Parent Teacher Conference (no school for kids), PSA book sale, please visit the book sale at Parkside

Friday Sept. 21: No school

Monday Sept. 24: No school

Community Leaders

Our class really shined today as community leaders of Early Primary with their first assembly! The song they sang, “When Geckos Get Together” will be our community song to start each assembly. Great leadership, Super Deer!

Building Good Reading Habits

This week in reading we focused on developing good reading habits. We learned to take a sneak peek by looking at the pictures in the first few pages to start thinking about what might happen in the book. We also learned that readers do something at the end of the book such as reread the story, find their favorite part, or retell the story.

How you can help… you can encourage your child to use those good reading habits at home. When you read books together, take a sneak peek first and talk about what you both think might happen. When you finish books, take a moment to each share your favorite part. The children had a great start with bringing their reading books home and back to school.

Unit of Inquiry: Who We Are

What makes a good learner? We have been exploring the skills needed to be a good learner. So far, we have learned that listening to learn uses our eyes, ears, and brain. We have a trick to remind ourselves to focus our attention by using our “attenta-scopes”. We have been practicing our skills to follow directions. Ask your child to teach you the listening rules and the attenta-scope.

Events This Week

Monday Sept. 10: Library, ASA starts

Tuesday Sept. 11: Swimming

Thursday Sept.13: Swimming, Hearing Check

Big, Big Dreams

Big, Big Dreams

Our focus this week was sharing our hopes and dreams. We have future doctors, vets, singers, police officers, and scientists in our class! From our big dreams, we were able to set our hopes (goals) for this year in first grade. Each child set one or two goals that he/she aims to accomplish by the end of the year. We plan to be stronger readers, writers, mathematicians, and English speakers!


This Week’s Events

Monday Sept. 3: Library, Reading Homework starts

Tuesday Sept. 4: Swimming

Thursday Sept. 6: Swimming

Friday Sept.7: Assembly @8:15 in SPAH, Grade 1 is sharing a song at assembly this week


Class Updates

Parents, thank you for attending curriculum night on Wednesday. It was great to share what we will be learning this year.

Some notes to remember…

1. No toys or smart watches at school.

2. No nuts in snacks or lunches.

3. Lunches can be dropped off at Anna’s office before 11am and will be delivered to class. After 11am please drop off at the lunch room.

4. Uniforms: Students are free to mix and match top and bottom pieces, including PE uniforms. On PE days, PE uniform should be worn.

Highlights of the Week

Safety lessons: Mrs. Susan, our guidance counselor began guidance lessons with our class today (Friday). We learned how to be safe at school. Students learned to say “No”,  get away, and tell an adult you trust.

Reading: We read a funny book this week called “Rollercoaster”. Ask your child to tell you all about it. Mrs. Livingston is helping me compile a list of recommended books for grade 1. I will share it when it is ready.

Writing: This week we learned what writers do. Writers think, sketch, then write. When writers are done, they go back to revise. Writers add more drawings and more writing. We are writing small moment stories (true stories about yourself) You can help your child by reminding them of things they have done that they can write about.

Next Week’s Events

Monday- Library

Tuesday- Swimming

Thursday- Swimming


Welcome to 1C Super Deer!

And we’re off! It has been a busy few days, as Mrs. Wen and I get to know your children better. As a class, we have been doing activities to help us get to know each other and learn our classroom routines.

Chasing Chester… To get to know our school better, we went on a scavenger hunt following the clues left by Chester from the story, “The Kissing Hand”. We didn’t catch Chester the raccoon, however we did meet a lot of people in our school community who saw him. He did leave us some chocolate kisses before he jumped back into the book.

First Day Jitters… Sometimes we start school feeling a little nervous. We read the story “First Day Jitters” to explore those feelings. Then we drank “Jitter Juice” to help chase away those butterflies in our tummy. It’s magical!

Making Friends… A new school year means a chance to see old friends again and make new friends. We played Find-A-Friend scavenger hunt, and Who am I? to help kids get to know each other.

We are Building a Community of Learners!

This Week’s Events

  • Wednesday August 22 Curriculum Night 4pm and 4:30pm in the classroom
  • Thursday August 23 Swimming
  • Friday August 24 Library

Message from Mr. B regarding swimming

Dear Parents,

Swimming will start as of Wednesday 22nd August and will be concluded on Friday 14th of September. During this time each PE lesson will be a swimming lesson.

Please ensure that your child brings their swimming clothes/equipment on their PE day during this period of time. As  swimming is a mandatory part of our curriculum, we therefore ask that you help prepare your child with all the necessary items for each swimming lesson.

Swimming equipment

-Swimming clothes




-Dry bag

-Water bottle

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the PE Department at school or via email.

Thank you,

Pawel Barwicki


Big Events Coming Up!

It was great to see so many of you at our Learning Comes Alive today! I hope you enjoyed exploring patterns in the hundred’s chart with your child.
Next week we have some big events coming up. Please mark your calendars.
Wednesday Jan 3: Music Concert at 2:15pm in the Gecko Theater. This concert will finish at dismissal time, so you may pick up your child directly after the music concert.
Thursday Feb. 1: Parent Teacher Conferences. I am looking forward to sharing your child’s progress with you next week. Tomorrow (Friday) I will email the sign up links so you may sign up for your conference time.
Friday Feb 2: Our class performance at assembly at 8:15am in the SPAH. We are excited to share our learning with you and the rest of the school at assembly.
Looking forward to seeing you next week!