Reading Workshop

In Grade 1, students will:

  • build good reading habits
  • develop multiple strategies for decoding, fluency, and phonics skills
  • make connections to characters in fiction text and to facts in non-fiction text
  • use text features to strengthen their comprehension skills with non-fiction text
  • develop comprehension skills through retelling, sequencing, and connections

Reading Workshop will be used to meet those goals.

Reading Workshop comes from the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University. 

The structure of reading workshop goes as follows:

  • Mini-lesson: Readers gather on the carpet for a 10-minute lesson.  This is a time for readers to learn something new that will help them with their reading.
  • Independent work time: Readers head quickly and quietly to a reading spot with their book bins full of just-right books for the week.  They remain engaged in their reading independently for 20+ minutes while the teacher confers with readers one-on-one or works with a small group of readers.  In one-on-one conferences, the teacher helps a reader with a skill or strategy that is specific to his/her reading needs at that time. In small groups, the teacher works with a group of readers working on the same skill or strategy.
  • Partner reading time: Readers read and discuss books with their reading partner.  They might read together in unison, repeat after each other, or take turns. As they read, they talk about their books – their favorite parts, tricky parts, parts that remind them of something.
  • Share: Readers gather back together and a few readers share their work during independent or partner reading time.  Readers select their books for home and put them in their reading folders.

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