Managing and Distinguishing Between Bullying, Teasing, and Conflict in Grades K-3

In many realms, the term “Bullying” has become a catch-phrase for actions that may fit into other categories. The definition of Bullying is:

1) Purposeful/Intentional

2) Used to Enforce/Build a Power Differential

3) Repeated

4) Unwanted

During this lesson, I describe the definitions and differences, and give scenarios to help students decipher what certain behaviors are. Then, we discuss many ways to handle bullying, teasing, and conflict with our peers. We read two books that help us to understand others’ perspectives, as well as solve or manage situations, “Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun” and “My Secret Bully.”

Students, further, engage in a variety of discussion and activities that help them to process through (1) times when they/others have been treated unfairly, (2) solving problems with friends at school, and (3) “taking the high road” and helping others who may not have always been nice to us (i.e., STOPPING the cycle of bullying).

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