As our students grow older, learning self-management techniques related to Bullying and Conflict continues to be important!

Grade 4 and 5 learners are seeing what encompasses “Bullying” (see previous blog post), as well as understanding it can involve Social, Physical, or Verbal actions. Additionally, Cyberbullying (any bullying that takes place electronically or through social media) is explored. Finally, students learn about what to do when Bullying is occurring, as well as how to manage themselves when in conflict with friends/peers so that it doesn’t turn into a bigger problem.

Then, students engage in a large group “test” to assess their learning and leave space for questions to be answered by Dr. K! This can be a confusing topic for many students, so much discussion time is left for students who are curious about certain situations and how to handle it.

Global Citizenship and The Giving Tree

Our Grades K-3 are currently working on a unit that involves understanding what being a Global Citizen entails! We discuss that being a Global Citizen involves respecting 1) All People (we are all special regardless of hair color, ethnicity, favorite food, brothers/sisters, etc.), and 2)THE EARTH!

Further, we watch an animated version of The Giving Tree, and discuss throughout the story how the tree helps the boy. This shows us how useful and, thus important, trees are. Then, the students all design their own leaf to add to Dr. K’s tree that includes one way they can help to save the Earth. My tree is sure to be very colorful and full of great ideas!