Teamwork, Collaboration, and Sportsmanship

Grade 4 and 5 students are learning the value of developing Collaboration and Teamwork skills!

We talk about what being a “good sport” means, and how to take charge of your temper and anger when things don’t go as you expected them to. We discussed collaboration, teamwork, and sportsmanship outside of solely “sports activities,” by discussing scenarios in the classroom and home/community environment. As a group, we demonstrated what kind of language we should use towards others in teamwork situations.

Good Sportsmanship oftentimes is tough to apply when we feel that we are wronged, or when we don’t succeed in the game, activity, or task. It’s important to recognize when to use our emotional management skills as we get older, so that we don’t offend others or make bad behavioral choices.

We then played a game where students had to work together to complete a task. It took collaboration from everyone, taking turns being the leader and followers, to understand the strategy to complete the task of the game. IMG_0079 IMG_0083 IMG_0085 IMG_0088 IMG_0090 IMG_0091


I am special and unique!

Our Kindergarteners through Grade 2 students are currently in a self-esteem and identity unit, where they are exploring what it means to appreciate the things that make us special! This can mean being proud of your favorite color, sport, food, ethnicity, family… the list goes on!

Our students are hearing 2 stories and one video that all discuss self-esteem: “It’s Okay to Be Different,” “Purplicious,” and “I’m Gonna Like Me.” Finally, the learners are invited to make a self-portrait of themselves with all the things they are proud of! These “photo frames” are displayed all over my room!IMG_0067 IMG_0070 IMG_0075