Online/Internet Safety & Privacy

Our Grade 4-5 students are currently immersed in a guidance lesson that explains about device, internet, and social networking safety- including through texts, group chats, online chat rooms, social media, email, and in-App “chat” functions.

Students learn to identify and avoid situations that could threaten our safety when using the Internet. They also learn about what is/isn’t okay to give out online (NO: your name, where you live, telephone number, your birth-date, height and weight; YES: likes/dislikes), as well as stranger danger.

Students hear that they should never arrange a face-to-face meeting with someone they meet online, and that they should have adults approve someone before talking to them on the Internet.

Students then engage in some guided practice (scenarios) that help them to use their complex thinking and independent learning skills to keep themselves and their families/peers safe in situations. Finally, they watch two videos that help to encourage appropriate behaviors online.

A great website to continue using with your students at home is: See my resources section for additional websites, books, and support!


Our K-2 SIS’ers are learning about emotions!

As our students are growing in their academics, they’re also growing in their social lives, and it’s important for them to know what those things they’re feeling inside their bodies are!

Students are introduced to the four basic feelings of happy, sad, mad, and scared. I show a presentation (with various embedded videos) and students identify the feelings and demonstrate what the feeling looks like on their own faces (first silent, then with sound). Students give reasons why they would feel that way. I then guide the students toward appropriate expression of feelings.

After, we read Fill A Bucket by Carol McCloud, and then learners complete a Feelings worksheet, which includes drawing a pictures of what they personally look like when experiencing those (4) feelings, or a picture of something that makes them feel those (4) feelings.