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Hi! My name is Dr. Rachael Knudsen- I’m the ECC and Elementary Psychologist/Counselor at SIS.

I am very excited to be working with the SIS elementary, counseling, and learning support teams again this year. Previous to coming to Shekou, I worked in various schools, hospitals, and child/ adolescent/family agencies, including the International School of Stavanger in Norway. I attended both the University of Wisconsin and the Illinois School of Professional Psychology where I earned Bachelors’ and Masters’ degrees, respectively. I was awarded a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology, and use my knowledge and experience to greatly benefit the children, families, and staff at SIS.

While at SIS, I will be working to further build and develop our program, including Responsive Counseling (individual, small group, and classroom-at-large sessions), Individual Student Planning (providing interventions and consultation for learning/social emotional needs), Program Organization/Quality, and a variety of consultation to staff and administrators. I am available for observation of students’ behaviors and concerns and am experienced in diagnostics, which can help to describe what interventions and strategies can be utilized to help a student with particular symptoms. I believe in positive psychology, which uses children’s particular strengths to foster personal and developmental growth, as well as acquire prosocial interactional skills to aid them in appropriate behaviors and communication. Additionally, my specialties are in systems, cognitive/behavioral, and diversity psychologies, and I’m passionate about spectrum disorders, family dynamics, and child protection. I moved to Shekou with my husband Mark, who is the Department Head of SIS’s Physical Education and Life Skills program. We love travel, hiking, diving, trail running, camping, swimming/water sports, climbing, sports, and are avid consumers of music, art, literature, and food. We’re looking forward to our 4th year here at SIS!

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