Appreciating soil and worms !

Students are learning about soil and the importance of soil. It is extremely important because it is the connection or bridge between the physical earth materials (like rocks, pebbles, and sand) and living things. Soil allows plants to grow with nutrients and minerals. Once plants can grow, then other living things can thrive,  and, therefore, soil supports the rest of the food chain, all the animals (including humans), and the pyramid of life.  Wow.  Soil is very important.  Ask your child to share what they know and appreciate about soil.

Looking into the green compost bin outside our classroom allows students to observe, appreciate, and ask more questions about soil, the role worms have in decay/decomposition, and other connections with rocks and living organisms.  After a few minutes, students lost their fear and wanted to touch and hold the worms.

Hey worms, thanks for being so important and for being our friends !


3 thoughts on “Appreciating soil and worms !

  1. Nice! I really appreciate that our “city kids” get to know more about the natural environment that surrounds them and what they could do in order to preserve it:) I love the idea of composting though I have never tried myself…. need to look more into it:)

    • I is great to hold and observe a worm. Everyone, not just kids, need to appreciate soil and the things that help grow our food. I would love to show you my simple compost system here in China.

  2. Yes, that would be great, thanks! And I am sure Matteo’s dad, Daniele, would be interested too;) Today we got lucky the wind is back and we can enjoy a cleaner air;-)

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