The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Since we decided on our class mascot as caterpillars, we have been spending time with books and stories about caterpillars.  As a literacy linked activity we put out picture cards from the story as well as caterpillars.  The only direction we gave the children was to consider what foods the caterpillars may or may not eat. What came next was great. The children took their learning into their own hands and created their own activities. Some of the different things that they were doing were:

  • Finding cards that matched in pairs
  • Pretended the caterpillars were crawling around and eating different foods (with eating sounds)
  • Matched the different cards to parts of the story book
  • Practiced one-to-one correspondence with all the caterpillars and cards
  • Set out different meals for different caterpillars
  • Used the story cards to create their own songs
  •  Counted out the foods in the book while pulling the toy caterpillar through the holes
  • Drew their own caterpillars when they moved to the drawing table

Enjoy the story with your child here


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