Sharing Bag

We have begun exploring our Belonging unit and our focus ESLR is Global Citizen.  Here is a fun activity that will help the classroom get to know more about each other and a perfect home to school link.

Over the next few weeks your child will bring home the classroom “Sharing Bag”.  This is a version of the classic “Show and Tell” . One child at a time will bring home the bag.  Please help your child fill the bag with cultural or family items and return it by  the day stated on the bag.  All things will be returned, but keep in mind that they will be handled by the other children.  This is an opportunity for you and your child to share your cultural/country identity.

I took the first turn with the Sharing Bag. The children were very excited to see my special things from America.  I wore my favorite American dress and showed them how my earrings were the same as the butterflies in Boston. I brought photos of my family and best friend and they laughed when they saw a photo of me in kindergarten.  I also brought books with drawings of the landscape and my special bracelet from my mom. I showed them my country flag and let them try on my lobster T-shirt. The best part of course were the American snacks that I brought to share.


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