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Slippery Fish

You may have heard your child singing this classroom favorite song, “Slippery Fish”. ┬áSince the children loved the song so much, I printed out character cards for them to explore at choice times during the day. Recalling words, actions and the sequences of classroom songs and rhymes are a fun and authentic way to build vocabulary and foster literacy development. I would refer to this scenario as play based literacy.


Marc Shares A special Book

Marc shared a funny book called “The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate The Wash”. It is a very special book since it was written by his aunt, Trinka Hakes Noble. After the story we drew snakes and made some out of clay. Enjoy the story below at home!20141026-191116.jpg


Every Tuesday morning we will have P.E. (Physical Educational) class. Every week The Guppies (Ms. Lydia’s class) will join us. Most of time the middle school P.E. Teacher, Ms. Meaghan will lead us and sometimes we will be able to work on skills with our big friends from the 7th grade!