Visiting Nursery

As a part of our Te Whariki strand,Well-Being, we have been focusing on  how our  actions can effect others.  We have been talking about how we can keep ourselves happy and healthy and also others in our school and home communities. We branched out in our school community this week and visited the nursery classrooms.  Before we went to visit them we read a story about a kind older brother who is patience and gentle with his younger sister and includes her in his favorite activities.  We had some classroom discussions about how we should act around children who are much smaller than than us.  The children agreed that when we are playing with small children we needed to be kind, slow and gentle. The children even agreed that if a nursery child took a toy that we were playing with, we shouldn’t hit or yell at them but we let them have the toy, because they are still learning to share.  I was very proud to see how the Caterpillars treated the 2 year olds, they were patient and caring. 20141114-141648.jpg

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