Looking Forward to our trip to Bayside!


The High School art students have the ECLC1 photos!



Our SIS high school art students have been very busy preparing for the EC1 students to visit. Today I met with the high school art teachers, Alex Gutierrez and Maria Yung. I was impressed when I learned about the activities that art students came up for the EC1 students.

High school and EC1 students will be buddied up and do 4 different art centers together. In our first center students will have a reflection session, where the EC1 students will share about their favorite photo that they took and the art student will share the artistic representation they made for the photo . There will be a center to color the custom made coloring sheets drawn by the art students, that are based on the story “The Gruffulo”.  There will also be a creative center to make the owl character from the same story and a station for whole body tracing.

EC1 and art students are very excited to meet each other. The teachers are excited to be viewing the kind of authentic, collaborative learning that will make our community a more enriching environment!

gruffalo sheets making owls


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