#EC1photo Collaborative Art Show

The EC-HS art show was a great success! The Caterpillars were so excited to see other students and teachers viewing their photo art. Some of the children were interviewed by those who visited, explaining why they chose their photos and what was happening in the photo. The Caterpillars were beaming with pride and they smiled as they received complements on their pieces.

Some of the elementary students left thoughtful comments on the children’s art, praising them for their hard work. These thoughtful reflections from community members added another layer to this project. EC1 teachers have seen how the project’s value deepened as the SIS community, shared their reflections, making stronger connections than we initially thought would happen.

Several grade levels did not get a chance to view the art show and requested that we extend the timeline of viewing. All photo art pieces will be hanging along the ECLC stairwells and Hallways. If you missed the opportunity to see your child’s or the other students’ pieces, please take a stroll through the ECLC building and enjoy all the art.

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