Work Sheets

Repeatedly giving young learners “Work Sheets” is a thing of the past, research has found and stated that hands on exploration is more beneficial to supporting a child’s learning. Completing work sheets may give children some knowledge of subjects, but it does not support their deeper understanding of concepts. Work sheets have a narrow focus and do not allow the child to apply and reconstruct their working theories on a particular concept.

The work sheets that you may see your child come home with from our classroom are not given as a part of our learning focus. They are recycled papers from the refuse of the older grades. It is PreK 2B doing our small part to make SIS a bit more “Green”. We put these left over or mistake copies in our writing center and the children choose how they want to use them. They enjoy coloring and cutting them up. Sometimes they give them to each other as gifts or cards, incorporate them into another project or creation or glue them into their writing books to support their drawings.


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