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The Children enjoyed looking at their own and their friends Learning Portfolios. They carefully choose their favorite pieces to share with their parents for Learning Comes Alive. For the beginning of the year, the teachers have picked the pieces of work to include for the children’s portfolio. As the students become more interested, they will be able to choose more pieces of work for themselves.



Noticing- The Laser Bugs observed something different and interesting happening in their school environment.

Recognizing- They understood that this person was a member of our community and that his work was important.

Wondering- The children were curious as to why the gardener was fixing the grass. They stopped to ask him questions and discussed their theories on the purpose of the gardener’s work.

PicMonkey Collage

Rose’s Butterflies

During the break Rose visited Ever Green Park. She brought her framed butterflies into show her friends. The children loved looking at the butterflies and came up with many theories of how they may have died and how they got inside the frame. This sharing moment became a great learning opportunity, we had many discussions on the children’s ideas and we did some observational drawing.