I set up road tape on a table as a provocation. The children asked “What was it?” Why did I do it?” The children shared their ideas; a maze, a road, an airport. Teachers set up centers or put out objects when we have possible projects in mind, but often do not tell the children what the reason is. Setting things up as a provocation, encourages the children to ask questions and share their ideas on what the object, objective or goal is. It also can lead or direct the learning outcomes.

This allows us to understand our student’s interests and their prior knowledge on certain subjects. It also helps teachers foster child centered and hands on learning. We can let the children lead their own learning experiences. It allows the children to develop their higher order thinking skills. Through the process of sharing their observations and asking questions, the children learn to better articulate their ideas and to formulate the working theories they have.

The children decided that there needed to be trees along these roads. Then they decided that there needed to be houses, shops, a fish pond and a robot car. The children decided how they could create those things from art supplies and recyclables. Throughout the day the children added details to the houses they made and created new shops. Some children visited the table with airplanes, animals or small dolls.

This week I will incorporate my original plan for the road tape and see if the children show interest. If the children do not take interest in my idea, then we will continue to steer towards their preferences of how to incorporate their work/play and learning with our new city.


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