We Are The Tricky Guinea Pigs!

Each class in our ECC has a different class name. The students and the teachers in each class take time discussing and comparing different animals in order to come up with their class name. Establishing a class name gives the students a sense of belonging, having the opportunity to be a part of the naming process lets students have a sense of ownership.

PreK 2B has spent the last week and a half researching different kinds of animals, so we could decide on our class name. We looked at many photos and videos of animals that we knew about and some that were new to us. We narrowed down our choices through voting everyday. After the process of elimination, we ended up with the cute, clever and cuddly animal- the guinea pig.

We did some investigating on guinea pigs and decided since they are so clever and can learn may tricks, we decided on tricky guinea pigs. So we are the Tricky Guinea Pigs. Here are 2 videos that we liked the best.

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