Rose’s Butterflies

During the break Rose visited Ever Green Park. She brought her framed butterflies into show her friends. The children loved looking at the butterflies and came up with many theories of how they may have died and how they got inside the frame. This sharing moment became a great learning opportunity, we had many discussions on the children’s ideas and we did some observational drawing.


Classroom Agreements

While Settling into our classroom, some of our stories focused on positive behaviors, manners and being a good friend. The Laser Bugs had several discussions about appropriate behavior in the classroom. Each child contributed their thoughts to add to a list of Classroom Agreements.


Sharing Travel Experiences

Sharing personal experiences in the classroom promotes personal connections and creates interesting conversations naturally. Very often the children spend time discussing each other’s holiday photos, that are displayed around the classroom.

Here I am sharing some of the items that I have brought back from my trip to Japan. The children had many questions about my photos. They enjoyed using the stamps and origami paper, playing with the taco (octopus) and tasting the rice crackers.

Music Class

This morning we had a special visit in the elementary music room. The music teacher Mrs. Overlie, spent some time showing us different instruments. She also played and sang songs with us. The best part was getting to try out the instruments on our own. Mrs. Overlie took time from her busy teaching day because she knew that the Caterpillars have been exploring music and that we are making our own instruments.