Muffin Time

The children are always a part of the preparations for classroom celebrations. For CNY we decorated and cleaned the classroom. When I asked The children what kind of activities they would like to do when their parents came; they decided that they would share their Learning Portfolios. Of course they were most excited about sharing food for the potluck brunch! They were proud to work together to prepare muffins for their parents.


Saying Thank You

The Caterpillars took some time to create “Thank You” cards for their big buddies and the teachers that created art pieces or wrote ¬†poems for the collaborative art project. This project has connected with our Te Whariki strands throughout the school year, especially with the
Contribution strand and now with the Communication strand.

One big theme in this project was the act of communicating. All students involved (big and small) explored and discovered different ways to communicate. There were many opportunities for students to communicate ideas, interpretations, reflections and develop purposeful verbal skills in creative and expressive ways.

Builders And Writers

We had a visitor named Mr Lloyd last week and he helped us build a castle as a team. The Caterpillars shared their ideas and constructed their castle together. During the building process some of the children first drew their ideas of what the castle would include or the characters that could live inside. Throughout the morning as the children were engaged in this activity, they demonstrated their complex thinking skills and their emerging literacy development.