Ms. Dodo lead the children in a cooking activity. Together they steamed baozi, a popular Chinese steamed bun often ate for breakfast. The Laser Bugs made many guesses about what was going to be inside. Everybody at least tried a bite and most children ate the baozi right up!


Chinese New Year Foods

Jiawei’s mother and grandmother came to class to share one of their family’s favorite Chinese New Year foods, noodles. Jiawei’s mom also told us how lanterns were important during Chinese New Year.

Xixi’s mom and grandparents came to show us how to make sesame filled sticky rice balls.  We had a lot of yummy fun!IMG_5583 IMG_5582

Play Dough Moon Cakes

For the Mid Autumn Moon Festival we read some books about moon cakes and even got to taste some moon cakes. We created some of our own moon cakes out to the play dough we made together.  The Play dough only has 2 ingredients and it is quick and easy to make.  Equal parts of corn starch and hair conditioner is all you need and it would be easy enough to try at home with your family.
Playdough Mooncake