Reading Buddies

The Laser Bugs enjoyed meeting and spending time with their Reading Buddies from grade 4. They were excited to share their Writing Books with the 4th graders. First, they showed them some of their drawings and then they created a drawing together.

We are lucky that their class number is close to ours, so most children can spend time in pairs and only a few groups of 2-4th graders to 1 Laser Bug. When possible we group the students by mother tongue and encourage them to speak and write in the language that they fell most comfortable. We will look forward to building our relationships with our buddies and we will hopefully see them 2 or 3 times a month.



After reading a fun book Chalk; about children using their imaginations and drawing with chalk, the Laser Bugs wanted to give it a try! We went down to the basketball court where we had lots of space to draw. The best part was that we could see our drawings from our classroom windows and just like the book it rained and washed away our work. We were not sad, because we know we can go out and draw again.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 8.07.49 PM


Rose’s Butterflies

During the break Rose visited Ever Green Park. She brought her framed butterflies into show her friends. The children loved looking at the butterflies and came up with many theories of how they may have died and how they got inside the frame. This sharing moment became a great learning opportunity, we had many discussions on the children’s ideas and we did some observational drawing.


Slippery Fish By The Caterpillars

Slippery fish was one of our first favorite classroom songs and as we really started to enjoy performing on our classroom stage, we had a blast making our own version!

Simple children’ songs are not just fun.  They provide a great opportunity for young learners to build confidence with trying to learn and use new vocabulary. Building vocabulary, a strong foundation in language, along with a love for stories and retelling stories will support literary development. Please enjoy our digital story telling!

Saying Thank You

The Caterpillars took some time to create “Thank You” cards for their big buddies and the teachers that created art pieces or wrote  poems for the collaborative art project. This project has connected with our Te Whariki strands throughout the school year, especially with the
Contribution strand and now with the Communication strand.

One big theme in this project was the act of communicating. All students involved (big and small) explored and discovered different ways to communicate. There were many opportunities for students to communicate ideas, interpretations, reflections and develop purposeful verbal skills in creative and expressive ways.

Setting Up Our Art Show

SIS Director of Learning Innovation, John Burns, came this morning to document EC1 students choosing where they wanted to display their art pieces in the Secret Garden.

Having our young students be an active part in the set up process of the EC-HS art  show has been important for their understanding in recognizing their part of the collaborative process.  The students developed a sense of pride and ownership, the responsibility and engagement that they experienced has helped them make valuable and personal connections with this learning experience.

Slippery Fish

You may have heard your child singing this classroom favorite song, “Slippery Fish”.  Since the children loved the song so much, I printed out character cards for them to explore at choice times during the day. Recalling words, actions and the sequences of classroom songs and rhymes are a fun and authentic way to build vocabulary and foster literacy development. I would refer to this scenario as play based literacy.