Field Day -Rained Out !

The Laser Bugs were a bit sad that the rain was too heavy to have our Field Day! They were looking forward to putting on their Laser Bug uniforms and showing their parents the P.E. skills that they had learned this year. Never the less, we still put on our Laser Bug uniforms and had an exciting morning together. We had a dance party, read books together, took photos of each other, colored our own Laser Bugs and did exercise videos together. We are looking forward to the postponed date when we can wear our uniforms and have our parents cheer us on!


During our Wellbeing strand we have talked about taking care of our bodies. We have covered topics like brushing our teeth, washing our hands, using tissues to clear our noses, eating healthy foods and getting plenty of exercise.

The Laser Bugs have been enjoying the challenge of coping the Yoga poses on our yoga position cards. We have learned that Yoga is a slow and quiet kind of exercise, where we hold different poses and do not move. We talked about how this kind of exercise makes us strong (but is different than) just like the fun and fast exercise video featured below.


Dance Party

At different times of the day the Caterpillar and Guppy classes have their adjoining door open. When the door is open the children from both classes can choose to move in and out of the 2 classrooms. As we will most likely have different activities going on in the 2 rooms, the children will have more choice and have the opportunity to engage with different children and teachers. On this day as the Caterpillars were dressed up and role playing in the House Keeping area they heard music playing in the Guppy classroom and they decided to check it out.  The result of being curious turned into a fun dance party. Hope you enjoy these photos and videos!

Slippery Fish

You may have heard your child singing this classroom favorite song, “Slippery Fish”. ┬áSince the children loved the song so much, I printed out character cards for them to explore at choice times during the day. Recalling words, actions and the sequences of classroom songs and rhymes are a fun and authentic way to build vocabulary and foster literacy development. I would refer to this scenario as play based literacy.