Dance Party

At different times of the day the Caterpillar and Guppy classes have their adjoining door open. When the door is open the children from both classes can choose to move in and out of the 2 classrooms. As we will most likely have different activities going on in the 2 rooms, the children will have more choice and have the opportunity to engage with different children and teachers. On this day as the Caterpillars were dressed up and role playing in the House Keeping area they heard music playing in the Guppy classroom and they decided to check it out.  The result of being curious turned into a fun dance party. Hope you enjoy these photos and videos!

Community Wall

I hope that both parents and children enjoyed sharing their learning portfolios at home. Thank you for taking the time to complete the mini bios inside. We have put the bios on the wall for the children to share more about themselves with their class. The students have shown so much interest in their friend’s bios, they are asking each other questions and great conversations have developed.

Our Well-Being strand focuses on empowerment of the child within a holistic approach of development (physical and social-emotional). Here at school we want to foster a positive development of self worth, identity and confidence. When children feel safe enough to share about the subject they know best,themselves, they get enjoyment from the positive reactions and engagements from friends and teachers, building a stronger tie between the classroom and home.20141118-181738.jpg

Caterpillar Food

We went to the Secret Garden in search of caterpillars.  We did not find any caterpillars but we did collect things that we thought that they would eat. We worked together to fill our basket to bring back to our classroom. 20140908-160553.jpg