Field Day -Rained Out !

The Laser Bugs were a bit sad that the rain was too heavy to have our Field Day! They were looking forward to putting on their Laser Bug uniforms and showing their parents the P.E. skills that they had learned this year. Never the less, we still put on our Laser Bug uniforms and had an exciting morning together. We had a dance party, read books together, took photos of each other, colored our own Laser Bugs and did exercise videos together. We are looking forward to the postponed date when we can wear our uniforms and have our parents cheer us on!


Every Tuesday morning we will have P.E. (Physical Educational) class. Every week The Guppies (Ms. Lydia’s class) will join us. Most of time the middle school P.E. Teacher, Ms. Meaghan will lead us and sometimes we will be able to work on skills with our big friends from the 7th grade!