During our Wellbeing strand we have talked about taking care of our bodies. We have covered topics like brushing our teeth, washing our hands, using tissues to clear our noses, eating healthy foods and getting plenty of exercise.

The Laser Bugs have been enjoying the challenge of coping the Yoga poses on our yoga position cards. We have learned that Yoga is a slow and quiet kind of exercise, where we hold different poses and do not move. We talked about how this kind of exercise makes us strong (but is different than) just like the fun and fast exercise video featured below.



After reading a fun book Chalk; about children using their imaginations and drawing with chalk, the Laser Bugs wanted to give it a try! We went down to the basketball court where we had lots of space to draw. The best part was that we could see our drawings from our classroom windows and just like the book it rained and washed away our work. We were not sad, because we know we can go out and draw again.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 8.07.49 PM


Jessie Bear Visits the Laser Bugs

The Laser Bugs enjoyed spending time with Jessie Bear. She spent 2 whole days with us. We prepared welcome signs for her and showed her around the Secret Garden. We showed her our Writing Books, she played math games and even made dumplings with us!

We brought our stuffed animals from home, so that she could have friends and we went on an indoor Teddy Bear picnic and watched bear stories together. If you and your child want to keep up on Jessie’s adventures you can go HERE.







Work Sheets

Repeatedly giving young learners “Work Sheets” is a thing of the past, research has found and stated that hands on exploration is more beneficial to supporting a child’s learning. Completing work sheets may give children some knowledge of subjects, but it does not support their deeper understanding of concepts. Work sheets have a narrow focus and do not allow the child to apply and reconstruct their working theories on a particular concept.

The work sheets that you may see your child come home with from our classroom are not given as a part of our learning focus. They are recycled papers from the refuse of the older grades. It is PreK 2B doing our small part to make SIS a bit more “Green”. We put these left over or mistake copies in our writing center and the children choose how they want to use them. They enjoy coloring and cutting them up. Sometimes they give them to each other as gifts or cards, incorporate them into another project or creation or glue them into their writing books to support their drawings.