When your child brings home a “Creation” made from various scraps of paper and/or recyclables taped together, take them seriously and look at them as though they were a mini engineer, architect or designer.

They have taken simple household recyclables and used their representation and symbolic thinking to create something great from their imagination. They take their time and consider each step of the process, planning out where to connect each new piece of paper or plastic/cardboard item. While they work they are excited to describe what they are making and have discussions with other children about different details of their and other’s work.

When children bring home their “Creations” ask them to explain what they have made and ask them questions with interest about their machines, cars, robots, houses…..etc. I am sure that you will be surprised by their amazing imaginations and working theories.


Play Dough Moon Cakes

For the Mid Autumn Moon Festival we read some books about moon cakes and even got to taste some moon cakes. We created some of our own moon cakes out to the play dough we made together.  The Play dough only has 2 ingredients and it is quick and easy to make.  Equal parts of corn starch and hair conditioner is all you need and it would be easy enough to try at home with your family.
Playdough Mooncake

Caterpillar Food

We went to the Secret Garden in search of caterpillars.  We did not find any caterpillars but we did collect things that we thought that they would eat. We worked together to fill our basket to bring back to our classroom. 20140908-160553.jpg