Christian Shares His Danish Culture

Our Fellow Snail Christian, is both Chinese and Danish. His family came to class to read and sing to us in Danish. They also brought some special traditional Danish Christmas cookies called klejner. We especially loved hearing one of our favorite books “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” being read in another language!

Sharing Our Travels

The children are welcome to share their travels and break activities with their class. The kind of things that are appropriate to share are books, pamphlets, snacks and interesting objects.

Sharing our life experiences helps us to connect as a community. It generates interest and conversation amongst the children.Today I shared a few things with the children from travels to Hong Kong and Tokyo.

If you would like to share photos of your family break activities, please put them into your child’s photostream or email them directly to me. If your child would like to share something else please send it in their backpack with a note.


We read a book and watched a video about Mid Autumn Festival. We talked about what were our favorite kinds of mooncakes and thought of some silly versions (pizza…spaghetti). The children were so excited about getting to taste test the moon cakes from Lucy’s mom, that the children chose to draw about them in their Writing Books!

Literacy Connections- The Big Bad Wolf

The Dancing Snails have enjoyed building their own house with the big blocks in our classroom. Since they have shown a lot of interest in this area over the last few weeks, I have begun to read books that feature houses in them.

The Story of the 3 Little Pigs is a classic story that is well known to most of the children in our class…and now it is a class favorite. After reading this story, the children began building houses to keep them safe from the Big Bad Wolf.

Canadian Pancakes !

Callen’s dad came to read us one of Callen’s favorite stories, “Green Eggs and Ham”. He also made pancakes with us. We especially loved the pure Canadian Maple syrup-so sweet!


On The Playground

Last week the Tricky Guinea Pigs got some time on the playground alone as a class. They had such a great time, that I just had to document and share their enjoyment. Ms. Joan and I could really see how the classroom culture has stared to bloom!