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Over the Winter Break, I decided to clean out my room. Not only putting everything back into the right places they belong and mopping the floor, but taking everything out that I do not use anymore. What did I find out? WOW! That I had so much JUNK in my room, but that I was still WANTING MORE THINGS. It had always seemed like I knew that I was fortunate. Whenever people told me about how there are still poor people out in the world starving, I would say “Yah, I know!”. Cleaning out my room by myself this Winter Break, I realized that I never really knew HOW fortunate I was to have so many things. Have so many things that aren’t even NECESSARY in order to live when there are people still out in the world without enough things to SURVIVE. All the junk that came out of my room… And I still wanted something for Christmas?

Just before the start of Winter Break, we started exchanging sketchbooks in TOK. Everyone in the class has a sketchbook, and everyone chose a specific theme for their sketchbook. The plan is to exchange these sketchbooks every two weeks so that as many people in our class can get a chance to decorate a page of as many people’s sketchbooks as possible following the theme the owner of the sketchbook chose. The theme of the first sketchbook I received was along the lines of “little things that makes us smile”. Reflecting back to when I was small, I realized that all the little things that made me smile were the memorizes of crafting during the holiday season with my mother. Thinking even deeper… I realized that most of the things we made were out of recycled materials! At the end, I decided to sew a small hand-made Ugly Doll into the person’s sketchbook. This turned a switch on somewhere in me, and over the course of a few days, I made a couple of new Ugly Dolls to give to people as Christmas presents. All these Ugly Dolls I made were made of recycled material (Ex. Old pieces of clothes/clothes I had in my closet that I never wore, leftover cloth from another crafting project, etc.), but they made me and whoever I gave it to happy, smile. (Maybe even happier than a regular Christmas present!?) Though this experience may not seem significant to others, it taught ME a very important lesson. 1) I am very fortunate. 2) No one really needs new things in order to become/feel happy.


IMG_2913 IMG_2926




*New Ugly Dolls made over Winter Break! (1st = for sketchbook, “S” and “K” = Christmas gifts!)

At the end of last school year, a friend asked me if I wanted to join her in creating some type of recycling crafting ASA. I hadn’t thought about this for a while, but as I was making Ugly Dolls, this conversation popped up in my head. Because I already have my hands full with a lot of different activities, it may not be possible right at the moment, but creating a recycling crafting ASA may be a good possible future AMPed project. Not only does it give me a chance to craft more often (Because I haven’t had a lot of free time these days, I hadn’t been able to craft as much as I like.), it can also be tied in with the possible recycling action plans that my GANG created during the GIN852 conference. (Everyone has been busy = our action plan hasn’t developed as much from where we left off last time…) With a different mindset, what used to be a regular project idea now has a different, more significant, meaning. 

*After learning how to sew simple stuffed animals from my mother, I used to make a lot of hand-made Ugly Dolls to give to my friends, teachers, and family members whenever it was their birthday or whenever it was a special day. Below are a couple more photos of what I have created in the past! Many I have given away to people, but some I still have at home. It always feels nice to create and give a new “friend” to other people. 🙂


Hand-made Stuffed Animal Gallery!

Some of the very first Ugly Dolls I made!


IMG_0205 copy 2


IMG_0205 copy










More recent Ugly Dolls:







Ugly Dolls for friends:

IMG_0072 IMG_0073IMG_0074IMG_0075










The “Squid” series:

Photo on 12-14-13 at 9.26 PMIMG_2928IMG_2927

2 thoughts on “Side AMPed Project?

  1. Are you selling these? Do you feel younger students would want your cool looking stuffed animals? Im pretty sure my daughters would like one each! Let me know how much… 🙂

    • Considering the fact that I make them for fun, I do not want any money. (I believe that I cannot sell them either way because Ugly Dolls are copyrighted?) If people can tell me what kind of Ugly Doll in what color they want, I would love to make them for younger students!

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