January 15

Learning this week…


During this week, which is our final week of mystery book reading, students will be using the mystery reading skills they have learned to solve mysteries, such as this one: Murder Mystery ZIP File


Students will choose one way to demonstrate their learning of the lines of inquiry. They have a menu of options to choose from and they get to be creative in their project.


Students will complete Module 3 with Topic F. In Topic F, students multiply by multiples of 10 (3.NBT.3).  To solve a fact like 2 × 30, they first model the basic fact 2 × 3 on the place value chart.  Place value understanding helps them to notice that the product shifts one place value to the left when multiplied by 10:  2 × 3 tens can be found by simply locating the same basic fact in the tens column.

In the subsequent lesson, place value understanding becomes more abstract as students model place value strategies using the associative property (3.NBT.3, 3.OA.5).  2 × 30 = 2 × (3 × 10) = (2 × 3) × 10.  The final lesson focuses on solving two-step word problems involving multiples of 10 and equations with unknown quantities (3.OA.8).  As in Lesson 18, students estimate to assess the reasonableness of their solutions (3.OA.8).

Lines of Inquiry:

We are in our final week for unit of inquiry. Students will collect the plastic they use at home this week and bring it in for a visual of just how much plastic we accumulate in one week. We will also be generating a video promising to do one thing in our daily lives to support our earth. After we make our promise, we will send the video around school for others to watch and as a way for spreading awareness. 


January 18th- Field Trip

January 19th- Assembly (2D ASA Cheerleading)

January 9

3B Assembly

Dear Parents,

Welcome back and Happy New Year!

This Friday, January 12th at 8:10am in the SPAH, 3B will be in charge of the assembly. You are welcome to come watch! We have been busy putting together some different learning presentations to share with the school. Some kids have speaking parts and others supported our iMovie projects. ALL kids have supported putting together the assembly. Please chat with your kids to find out what they will be doing, or have worked on presenting. Hope to see you there!

***They will also be performing gymnastics that morning!


Ms Banner

December 10

New and Improved Student Blogs

Dear Parents,

We’ve started a new blog in class! Many of you were enjoying following our process of learning in our old blogs, and don’t worry, that content is still there! If you go to our new blogs, there is a link to the old posts. Our school loves this portfolio so much that now every teacher at SIS has their own classroom Seesaw. Please continue checking the student blogs and talking about the learning at home. Thank you for your support.



December 4

December is here! Here’s what we’ve got on the learning calendar!


This week, readers will continue with their mystery reading and build upon their prediction skills. They will learn to pause whilst reading so that they can remember key details, how to discuss parts of the story with a reading partner, and how to use the known structure of mystery novels to make predictions.  


We will continue Module 3, with a focus on the distributive property in multiplication. Students will practice different strategies to solve multiplication facts such as breaking factors apart.


Opinion Writing Essays! It’s essay time! Students are choosing a topic to persuade someone into doing something they have a strong opinion about. We are learning the basic structure of a 5 paragraph essay.

Social Studies:

This week will be devoted to research. Students will be provided time to do research on a chosen habitat of their choice. The big question is; how do environmental changes affect organisms? After some research, we will learn more about deforestation, over fishing, hunting, pollution, climate change, tourism and other relevant changes that affect living things. We will be looking for how animals and plants survive and how the environmental changes either hurt or support their growth. This week will also benefit their communication, collaboration and research skills. 

November 26

Learning in 3B

Happy International Week! We will do small things to celebrate our cultures over the week. On Friday, we will celebrate with a parade and pot luck of different international foods.


This week, readers will be continuing with their studying of mystery novels. They will learn about using text features to help make predictions, strategies to help deal with tricky parts of the text, and how to share their reading with a partner so that they can create theories and ideas together. 


We will continue learning how to write persuasive essay’s this week.

Social Studies:

This week, students will be focusing on two questions: how can I use sources to learn new information? and how do environmental changes affect organisms? We will explore with different sources looking at fossils and change over time. Students will also generate questions about historical sources and compare and contrast pictures of the history of Shenzhen. 


This week will focus on multiplication of 6, 7, 8s. Students are using flash cards, skip counting and learning how to decompose numbers to support them learning the higher multiplication.