November 26

Learning in 3B

Happy International Week! We will do small things to celebrate our cultures over the week. On Friday, we will celebrate with a parade and pot luck of different international foods.


This week, readers will be continuing with their studying of mystery novels. They will learn about using text features to help make predictions, strategies to help deal with tricky parts of the text, and how to share their reading with a partner so that they can create theories and ideas together. 


We will continue learning how to write persuasive essay’s this week.

Social Studies:

This week, students will be focusing on two questions: how can I use sources to learn new information? and how do environmental changes affect organisms? We will explore with different sources looking at fossils and change over time. Students will also generate questions about historical sources and compare and contrast pictures of the history of Shenzhen. 


This week will focus on multiplication of 6, 7, 8s. Students are using flash cards, skip counting and learning how to decompose numbers to support them learning the higher multiplication.

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