December 4

December is here! Here’s what we’ve got on the learning calendar!


This week, readers will continue with their mystery reading and build upon their prediction skills. They will learn to pause whilst reading so that they can remember key details, how to discuss parts of the story with a reading partner, and how to use the known structure of mystery novels to make predictions.  


We will continue Module 3, with a focus on the distributive property in multiplication. Students will practice different strategies to solve multiplication facts such as breaking factors apart.


Opinion Writing Essays! It’s essay time! Students are choosing a topic to persuade someone into doing something they have a strong opinion about. We are learning the basic structure of a 5 paragraph essay.

Social Studies:

This week will be devoted to research. Students will be provided time to do research on a chosen habitat of their choice. The big question is; how do environmental changes affect organisms? After some research, we will learn more about deforestation, over fishing, hunting, pollution, climate change, tourism and other relevant changes that affect living things. We will be looking for how animals and plants survive and how the environmental changes either hurt or support their growth. This week will also benefit their communication, collaboration and research skills. 

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