January 15

Learning this week…


During this week, which is our final week of mystery book reading, students will be using the mystery reading skills they have learned to solve mysteries, such as this one: Murder Mystery ZIP File


Students will choose one way to demonstrate their learning of the lines of inquiry. They have a menu of options to choose from and they get to be creative in their project.


Students will complete Module 3 with Topic F. In Topic F, students multiply by multiples of 10 (3.NBT.3).  To solve a fact like 2 × 30, they first model the basic fact 2 × 3 on the place value chart.  Place value understanding helps them to notice that the product shifts one place value to the left when multiplied by 10:  2 × 3 tens can be found by simply locating the same basic fact in the tens column.

In the subsequent lesson, place value understanding becomes more abstract as students model place value strategies using the associative property (3.NBT.3, 3.OA.5).  2 × 30 = 2 × (3 × 10) = (2 × 3) × 10.  The final lesson focuses on solving two-step word problems involving multiples of 10 and equations with unknown quantities (3.OA.8).  As in Lesson 18, students estimate to assess the reasonableness of their solutions (3.OA.8).

Lines of Inquiry:

We are in our final week for unit of inquiry. Students will collect the plastic they use at home this week and bring it in for a visual of just how much plastic we accumulate in one week. We will also be generating a video promising to do one thing in our daily lives to support our earth. After we make our promise, we will send the video around school for others to watch and as a way for spreading awareness. 


January 18th- Field Trip

January 19th- Assembly (2D ASA Cheerleading)

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