January 29

Learning in 3B

Unit of Inquiry:

Central Idea: Organisms adapt to their environment to sustain life.

Lines of Inquiry:

1. Life cycles are diverse

2. Adaptation helps organisms survive

3. Living things share traits with their parents



Readers will begin this week by categorizing the fairy tale stories that they are reading by identifying elements of a fairy tale (use of magic, types of characters, etc.). They will continue by studying the sequence that fairy tales often follow (opening > introduce the setting > introduce the characters > the problem > the solution > the ending > the lesson) and by then ‘mapping’ out the most important parts of the story. At home, pages 4 to 8 of this resource will help you to support your children with their learning:

Fairytale Unit

In regards as to the elements of a fairy tale, these are the elements that your children will be identifying:


Students will continue to write their own fractured fairytale. The first one we did was Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Students adapted the fairytale and rewrote it as their own. Next, they will begin to take the elements they are learning about in reading and write their own fairytale.


In this next topic, students compare unit fractions and learn to build non-unit fractions with unit fractions as basic building blocks.  This parallels the understanding that the number 1 is the basic building block of whole numbers. Students will identify and represent shaded and non-shaded parts of one whole as fractions, as well as represent fractions using number bonds. 

Social Studies:

Students will student how life cycles are diverse through researching the life cycle of different animals and plants. After students will create diagrams and models of life cycles of the animal or plant they chose. Then they will compare and contrast their diagram with others to learn about similarities and differences.  We will do a hands on activity and explore different fruit and vegetable seeds to predict how they develop.  

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