February 26

Learning in 3B


This week we will continue understanding distance and position on the number line as strategies for comparing fractions. Students will begin to recognize and show that equivalent fractions have the same size, though not necessarily the same shape. We will also strengthen our number talk using images and generated discussions through word problems for each image. 


Students will use their scientist skills to collect data and infer which traits are inherited or acquired, create a new species of “monsters” from traits passed down, and learn more about heredity. They will rank the most important traits for survival and will justify their reasoning. In the later part of the week we will inquire about how adaptations help organisms survive. Students will learn first hand how species’ populations rise and fall. 


As we continue reading fairy tales, we will also be blending science into reading time. Students will have an opportunity to read more about traits and heredity during the reading block.


Generating their own fairy tales. Students will create their own stories with a focus on problems and solutions. We’ve written fractured fairy tales, so now they get to be creative and write their own! They’re excited!


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