May 7

May 7-11

Special Dates:

May 10th- Student Led Conference. Don’t forget to sign up for them if you haven’t already. Your child DOES need to attend the conference.


This week, readers are further exploring characters. They will learn that the more you know about a character, the better you know them, and the better you know them, the stronger your predictions will become. We will also begin book clubs. Students have been chosen to join a book club and be in a fishbowl for the class to watch their conversation.


Students next use tangrams and tetrominoes to compose and decompose shapes.  They reason about the relationships between shapes and between attributes.  For example, students understand that quadrilaterals can be decomposed into triangles, and recognize that the two smallest triangles in a tangram puzzle can be put together to form a parallelogram, a square, and a medium triangle.

Social Studies:

This week students will be thinking about the questions: What are systems? What are rights? What are responsibilities? A provocation of a morning without rules (except to stay safe) and noting conflicts and frustration. Another morning full of rules! A rule to get out of your seat. A rule to get a drink of water. Students are asked to notice how systems work and don’t work. 


Storytelling! We are working on sharing a story that will be turned into a podcast. A focus on using vivid verbs, paragraphing, voice and expression. Having a good lead to hook in the reader and working on the story structure. Stay tuned for wonderful podcasts!

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