May 14

Our learning this week…


This week, readers will be studying the particular word choices an author makes. For example, is there a difference in describing something as big or as large? Does this make you form a different visual image? How important is it to be specific with your word choices? 


This week, writers will be taking a deeper look at the structure of their writing (grammar!) In particular, they will be looking at fronted adverbials, subordinating and coordinating conjunctions, and paragraphing. 


As students learn about perimeter as an attribute of plane figures, they apply their knowledge to real world situations through problem solving (3.MD.8).  Our mathematicians measure side lengths of shapes in whole number units to determine perimeter and solve problems where side lengths are given and not given.  Students consider the efficiency of their strategies and identify tools for solving; for example, they use multiplication as a tool when measurements are repeated.  

Social Studies:

This week students are thinking about how organized systems function? What do systems look like when they work and what do they look like when they don’t work. Students will create a system that fixes an issue we’re having in 3rd grade. 

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